Travel diary



The project "Whispering house" was conceived in collaboration with Matthew Wilson. A site study trip to Morocco was followed by hands-on brick fabrication. The site of the project is the ancient coastal town of Asilah. A fortified town on the Northwest tip of the Atlantic coast of Morocco, about 31 km south of Tangier. It is a town that has over the past 25 years reached a level of cultural prominence due to the efforts of Mohamed Benaissa, the mayor and founding patron of the cultural association. To increase the touristic, cultural value of the town, the mayor sought to construct a shelter and a performance place for a representative of the soon-to-be-extinct ancient Moroccan tradition of storytelling — Al-Halqa.

Throughout the design, an emphasis has been placed on the ‘tile’, to perform certain duties or roles throughout the storyteller’s home. Watercollecting, sunshading and sound transmitting building blocks were designed.

Outer walls of the existing building in the town of Asilah had been taken as prerequisites, while the whole inner part of the house was refurbished and transformed according to the program.